(Wrong) Expectations

Why its hurts ?? What hurts……..Did I discovered something new, something ‘black’, vile about theĀ  people I know. You feel you know your folks, they are generally good with you, you start believing in the reality of those circumstances, as if it was always like this………..

……….you forget your past, your past which was notĀ  bad , not dark buts some moments were exactly like that………….Did it happen ?? Did it not ??

Are these the same people; Do I owe them my life OR do I owe them my freedom ??

Do I remember the taunts or does time infact, heal everything. That was reality too or, was that the only reality (dark, hidden somewhere….). My folks could have stood up for me couldn’t they. some self-esteem, little bit more self-respect and I could have been better. I know this, I know it in my heart. But you don’t get to choose the family you are born in..

I am pouring my heart out……I really need to do this.